Get a full backcheck report on a girl from CIS within 3 days

Make sure your significant other doesn’t hide anything from you, and you’ve made the right choice

You pay for results, not work

First, we check the availability and accuracy of basic required information. And only when we are sure 100% that we have all the data necessary for
a report, we do agree on payment.
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Data verified. What's next?

  • 1st phase
    After verifying the availability of data during the first 48 hours, we will email you a confirmation and payment link.
  • 2nd phase
    After you confirm the payment, the required amount on your card will be temporarily frozen, and we will proceed to prepare the report. It takes no more than 72 hours.
  • 3rd phase
    You will receive a full report on your email. Only after that, the payment will be withdrawn from your card.
Receive a report before paying. No risk at all!

How much does it cost?

The price estimate of a report varies on what data you already have on the subject and what you want to know.
Basic report
  • Real age
  • Drug-related issues
  • Alcohol-related issues
  • Connection to prostitution
  • Administrative violations
  • Fraud
  • Criminal history
  • Residence registration
Additional information
  • Assets, real estate and businesses
    + $69.00 to the price
  • Children, marriages and divorces
    + $49.00 to the price
Price, if the TIN is known - $69.00
Price, if only the date of birth is known - $99.00

Sources and accuracy

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We have access to all public databases of the CIS countries, and our detectives additionally check all the necessary data. We may not formally share confidential information with you, but we may be able
to provide 99% accurate information about a person's history with drugs, alcohol, fraud, escorts, prostitution, offenses and crime.

The report will provide you enough information to draw conclusions and make the right choice.

Check an example of our report now for free

Is it possible to do without a verification?

Of course, some people take their word for it. But most people still prefer to do a background check on a person before taking a big step, and that's why:

  • When making a choice, you want to be 100% sure of your loved one, because this is the key to a successful marriage.
  • The most beautiful girls in the world live in Eastern Europe - a fact!
    But, unfortunately, sometimes there are fans of easy money among them.
  • No money is worth the frustration of a loved one if she is a fraud and breaks your heart.
Background checks are normal! A report is just a way to get to know someone better. After all, a really strong relationship is only possible when partners do not have "secrets behind closed doors".


  • 10 years experience
  • 2000+ reports

And here's how our work is assessed by our clients:

«Thanks to the service,
I am now 100% sure of my
choice. Thank you, guys!»
Olivier, 29 years old, France
I've been happily married to a beautiful woman from Ukraine for 4 years. I am glad that I ordered a report in due time.
Paul, 37 years old, England
I had my doubts. And, unfortunately, I confirmed them. But it was better this way than living a lie.
Andreas, 26 years old, Greece
Thank you for helping me get this bitch out in time. It turned out that she had at least two more like me.
Jerome, 33 years old, France
After 8 months of texting with a beautiful girl, I finally decided to propose to her. The report dispelled the last doubts - she was my angel!
Gareth, 30 years old, Wales
I've been lied to all this time. And if it wasn't for the information in the report, I would have never known the truth.
Marco, 33 years old, Italy
Unfortunately, I've already had a bitter experience with a girl from Eastern Europe. Therefore, six months ago, when I entered into the following relationship, I first ordered a report on my new lady. Now I am calm. Thank you!
Enrique, 38 years old, Spain
I don't think there's anything wrong with that report. I ordered it myself and now I am completely happy in the relationship.
Michael, 34 years old, England

About us

We are a team of experienced detectives who have been working together for over 10 years. During that time we’ve compiled more than 2000 reports, and have come to a universal format, of the report.
This allows us to expedite the results and make it more cheaper and absolutely legal.

Download a sample report and see for yourself!

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